ready or not, here they come

the places we have recently been are impossible to describe. while present humanity was dealing with the typical wars and media hype on every miniscule subject, we were light years beyond time. we have recently began a series of dimensional jumps through time experiencing what those in the dimension experience as humanity lives in its bubble. you would not like what these beings are saying about you. of course we drifted un-detected, otherwise i would not be typing this. it was sad to see how forces are building against humanity and humanity cant seem to agree on who’s toy is who’s in the little sandbox it lives in. we have seen the future, you will not like what is coming. however, you have complete control over it. the choice is yours.

log .120904

we’ve finally managed to establish an uplink from an undisclosed location in the delta-9 quadrant, after an eternity of turbulence and interference.

the following visual data you’re about to see comprises numerous missions through space time sector earth. due to uncontrollable signal noise, much of our footage has been subject to signal contamination and must remain archived until we reach central command. fortunately we were able to salvage this transmission intact:

the bleak chill of space travel is not something one can prepare for. even within the pressurized artificial atmosphere of our space craft temperatures tend to stabilize in the uncomfortably cold, so as to inhibit deep space cellular hyper-mitosis.

with stark anticipation, not unlike that of a surgical patient awaiting the frozen silence of anesthetic, we abide our time in exile.

our travels have taught us enough of what is to come. we are left to do nothing but document all that we have witnessed with our own eyes and ears, and remain steadfast until our inevitable return home.

collections of our occupation

i don’t know what time we are in once again but we are reviewing the footage from some of our most previous trips across dimensions and time. this is one of the perks of our job as we try and get back to our job that we were fired from in 9a dimension. funny to think of really. how there are infinite versions of ourselves living out different types of lives in different dimensions. reviewing footage keeps our minds of the stresses of what we do. it’s calming and eases our nerves. at some point we need to head back into the 9a dimension and confront that situation despite the small chance of us coming out alive. still, the balance of a lot of things and versions of us depends on it.

one day we will share footage with people of this time dimension, while at the same time we already have. you can see it when you see it.

pacman de forest


chaos in order

things may have taken a turn for the worse today as we received news from head quarters that the program is in lock down. the second aluminum earwig and i walked into the room we could tell something was off. we were told to turn in our gear but we refused and made a run for the jumper. we are now in the drench zone which is basically between dimensions and time. we are simply waiting for a safe window to exist and try to regroup to figure out why hq is behaving oddly. the only theory we have at this moment is that we were in a parallel dimension we didn’t mean to enter. hence why we’re waiting for a safe window to exist. if this is the case, this means our jumper has been tampered with and we may be drifting through time and dimensions uncontrollably. as long as no one is sent in after us we should have ample time to fix this situation, but the chances of no one perusing us are very slim. not to worry though, this entire scenario happens at least once a year considering it replays in every dimension for eternity. it is only a mater of time before we run into mirror scenarios. it is also only a matter of time before we meet our demise in one of these scenarios. hopefully this is not that time.

pacman de forest

log .120628

seems as tho our home galaxy cluster has finally popped up in earth imaging systems. i have to admit that their technological prowess is respectable. the recent data collection and subsequent research from experiments conducted at CERN is particularly remarkable (albeit somewhat misguided).

but it doesn’t take much for things to go straight to their heads.

earth beings think that their technology works for them, but their lack of emotional discipline and propensity toward greed and lust have made them slaves to it. their planet’s overlords have known this from the beginning and have become experts at exploiting these weaknesses.

we are often astounded at the cognitive dissonance that permeates this species’ psyche. many cling to manipulative belief systems while simultaneously worshiping technologies that are based on the very science that contradicts their beliefs.

it is within humankind’s capability to engineer free, self-sustaining energy systems. but so far their outdated, fear-based, draconian religious-political ideologies have painted them into a corner.

there is still hope in this remaining time sliver of opportunity, but they tumble ever closer to their species-defining crossroads, where a collective choice must be made:

seriously reevaluate their fundamental existential outlook, and restore balance to their ecosystem…

…or perish from the consequences of their ignorance and superficial divisiveness.

5,000 years right now

we’ve gone back too far now. all equipment is up and running but we decided to stop dimensional jumping for a bit to take a break. as I sit and look over the water I can’t help but think about all the things in time taking place at exactly the same moment as I sit here. time is linear to humans, but in all actually it is not. what I type right now exists right along side you reading this 5,000 years into the future. so while I look over the water trying to figure out what went wrong in humanity, or how I could have helped you somehow, I can’t stop thinking about how it’s not too late. humanity has lost love for each other and connection to one another can be repaired, or has already been repaired if going by my outlook and truth of time. the question is, do I need to do something in order to create a reaction among humanity to reconnect to one another?

it is peaceful this far back. nothing is industrialized and crowded. people live for family back here. people live for life experiences. not objects and fame. both are near impossible to achieve in this time.

al is waving at me, break is over. we’re heading back to hq for our next destination.

pacman de forest

log .120620


human kind is on an exciting exponential journey of technological development; yet, many of their world’s most primitive problems remain. enslavement by archaic dogmas and institutions persists. mere pockets of elitist hoarders manage to siphon the world’s abundant resources at their whim, while the rest of the world’s billions are left with the scraps of scarcity.

populations have been swindled on a massive scale. mass manipulation has been perfected to an effortless science. psychological trauma has been woven expertly into the fabric of society, creating seemingly random occurrences of acute psychosis. health care has been hijacked by chemical industries, who sell poisons far more dangerous than the symptoms and diseases they’re meant to treat.

money is taxed when earned, taxed when spent, but squandered on “professional” politicians, unscrupulous bankers, and war mongers while nations crumble from the inside in urban decay.

while many remarkable advances in technology continue to astound, energy innovation lags significantly behind the curve. the world has been made into oil junkies, forced into an unsustainable addiction that will only lead to its demise. for the last century oil has been at the root of worldwide violence, market volatility, and economic stress.

but what of solar power? solar power development is trapped in some kind of technological dark age. in a world of large hadron colliders, cheap full genome sequencing and fingernail-sized teraflop chips, it’s strange that solar cell innovation has plodded along so slowly, if at all.

something’s not right.

the future from which i have traveled knows little about this node of space time. the very notion of energy scarcity is baffling to pacman and i. our discoveries thus far have been startling to say the least.

time will tell what is in store for this strand of humanity on this planet they call earth.


1976, we don’t exactly blend in here. after a malfunction on our derbo unit we had to pull out of the original dimensional track to keep from breaking apart. though 1976 i do not know which dimension. aluminum earwig is re-charging the drive panel while i venture out in search of some copper. trash lines the streets  and in the gutters, vehicles are large and leave a strong smell of exhaust, but the people are connected…. human. nobody is listening to the same 5 songs on their radios or trapped inside watching 500 channels of tv. it is refreshing to not see billboards absolutely everywhere, or ads being shoved into my head on every corner. people still have some type of innocence and mystery. there are no mega chain restaurants on every corner either. people seem to be selling their own goods to each other… have we really changed this much? are we really this deep into the machines back in 2012? we need to leave soon, but part of me wishes to stay or go back even further.

pacman de forest

log. 120611

planet earth is a satellite hurling through space time at a relatively high velocity (from the perspective of a human, at least). it is an enormous organic spacecraft. its inhabitants, cosmonauts and time travelers.

within the cells of an individual human on this planet, beyond the microscopic level, there are worlds within worlds in the form of cells, bacteria, atoms, quarks, bosons, etc. but from the much larger perspective of a galaxy, the very sun that our earth orbits is a mere fraction of a blip, much like a single neuron in a human brain.

as observers of this cosmic scale, we are somewhere directly in the middle of it all.

eventually the ouroboros eats its tail and the cycle continues endlessly as it always has, and as it always will.

what to make of this fractal existence then?

cani bed onen ow?

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pacman de forest